Founders - Ed and Angie Martens
Wednesday, May 13, 2020 by Staff

I want to introduce you to Ed and Angie Martens.

Ed and Angie have been in the real estate business since 1976 and 1986 respectively. They have been married for thirty-four years and have five children and six grandchildren. They chose to become a husband and wife team as it gave them the flexible schedule to raise their children, allowing Angie to stay at home with the children until they reached school age.

As Christians, they believe in putting their children and their marriage relationship before their business careers.

Ed started his career in real estate in selling real estate, developing marketing strategies, training agents and managing offices. Angie has honed her skills in real estate adding her previous learned communication skills.

Helping Families

They love helping families both finding their first home and guiding them in moving up as their circumstances permit. 


In fact, their slogan has been “We’d Love to Help!” They have clients saying, “Go with Ed and Angie, They Will Take Good Care of You!”

As they have a Ministry of Marriage Enrichment, which the God has led them into, they have met couples through their real estate business that were moving forward to ending their marriage. They were able to, with God’s help, restore the marriage. They would rather save a marriage than sell a property.

They have founded to help provide shelters and healing for children and teens that are rescued out of the human traffic rings.

Doing the Father’s Business

Ed and Angie started their marriage with God leading them into counseling individually and as a couple a year prior to their wedding. This beginning proved essential as they worked together twenty-four seven without conflict.

Having made a commitment to represent clients honestly and with integrity and continually asking the Lord for direction, they have found favor in their business and relationship with each other. When going through a season of  difficultly in a unfavorable market they remain faithful to God and to their  commitment of maintaining their core values. The Lord has helped them resolve many challenges in their business, which otherwise seemed impossible.

Please help Ed and Angie as they provide shelters and healing for children and teens that are rescued out of the human traffic rings. 

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